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Recent moving task reviews

Esmee P.

Pick up a display cabinet from Klampenborg to Greve.

Responds to messages very quickly and keeps you well informed along the way. I can definitely recommend them. 💪

Emil F.

Move a bed from Copenhagen Ø to Hellerup

Super strong and friendly guys! 👏 I highly recommend them.

Caroline E.


Quick and efficient move. They brought a partner along and took great care of everything, even adding a bit of fun to the process. I can definitely recommend them!

Maud L.

Moving - from apartment to house!

Super fast and easy contact - Mohamad was available all the time, and EVERYTHING went smoothly. I would recommend Mohamad any day! ☺️🌞

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What's Included In Moving Service?

Cheap & Safe Moving

By choosing Shouter's moving assistance, you can save over 50% compared to traditional moving companies. Moreover, we understand how important your belongings are to you, so we include a SAFE insurance in your moving service, which protects you, your movers, and your belongings in case of an accident or damage.


Shouter gives you full control and flexibility to choose the exact date and time that suits you best. And with our wide selection of movers, you can find the perfect match for your specific move.


If you plan your move through Shouter, you get full control. You can choose your mover, your budget, time, and agenda - without worrying about small written details. And if disagreements were to arise, you can safely rely on TRYG insurance to secure your money. Let us make your move a stress-free, smooth, and safe experience!

3 great advices for your move with Shouter

#1 - Be precise & detailed

When creating a moving task on Shouter's app, we recommend that you describe the task thoroughly and in detail. This way, you can express your requirements and the scope of the task. This ensures that there are no misunderstandings or surprises.

#2 - Be open to bids 

After you have created your task and are searching for your mover/Doers, we recommend that you are open to bids. The first choice might not be the best. You can be picky and set requirements. Look at your matches and be open to their different bids.

#3 - Read your Doer's profile 

When you find a Doer, we recommend that you read through their profile. See if they are verified with MitID, have any good reviews, a profile picture, previous tasks they have performed, or a good descriptive profile text. We want you to have a safe and good experience, so make sure your Doer lives up to your standards.

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Make Your Move a Breeze with Shouter’s Moving Help!

Preparing to move and feeling stressed? Don't! While it may seem overwhelming, with Shouter's diligent Doers, your move can be easy without costing an arm, a leg, or a year's salary. Keep reading to see why we're the right choice!

Take the Easy Way Out

If you're tired of paying a fortune for moving companies, Shouter is the obvious alternative for you! We are particularly known for our fantastic moving service. We stand out from the market and all the boring moving companies that often set their own agenda - with us, it's you who decides! You get control over the budget and can choose the mover you think can handle your move the best. With Shouter, you get security, control, and lightning-fast service doing your moving process!

How moving help work with Shouter works

The process is straightforward. All you have to do is download Shouter's app, create your moving task, set your budget or be open to bids, sit back, and wait for a match. From there, you and the mover contact each other through the app and agree on the details based on each other's requirements. And payment? Well, it's secure through the app, so neither party gets cheated. If you want a preview of the process, you can explore our simple Shouter guide!

Budget-Friendly all the Way

With Shouter, you no longer have to pay a fortune for professional moving help! We let you control the show and take you on a journey where you choose your movers. But wait, there's more! You also get the opportunity to control the budget! So, if you're a real penny-pincher (as we can all relate to), or just want to be able to afford an extra pizza during the move, you can either set a fixed budget or let our movers bid on your moving help. In addition, the entire process is handled under safe conditions with the help of our partner TRYG, which ensures you if something goes wrong.

Spontaneous & Lightning-Fast Moving Help? Or a Larger & Planned Moving Help?

Have you struggled with a move before and had a rude awakening about your own moving skills? No stress! Shouter got your back - we offer the freedom to get urgent and spontaneous help. We have a whole army of movers aka Doers who are ready to rescue you in your moving disaster - big or small. Whether you're in the midst of chaos or planning an upcoming move, just Shout, and you'll get a response in under 1 hour.

Much More Than Moving Help

Cleaning is often a big and important requirement when moving. If the apartment isn't sparkling, you can get a financial slap from your landlords. At Shouter, you can find an ocean of cleaning Doers who are ready to help you with your moving chaos. Also, remember that you are the master of your moving task. If you want to hire a moving help that can handle the cleaning afterward, you can add it as part of the task, explain the details to your Doer match, and offer a fair price that both parties agree on.