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Adam L.

Junk busting of a couple of things

Benjamin is still the best doer in Aarhus

Lara F.

3-4 loads of cabinets and various items to the recycling station

Super 🙂

Emma E.

Just bust of construction waste

Easy to make an agreement, and it was done quickly and precisely!

Dan G.

Mixed goods to the dump in Galten

Jonathan was a great pleasure to have for help. He came as soon as he got the task and was smiling, happy and a pleasure to meet. Warmest recommendations from here!

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Are you tired of dealing with piles of junk cluttering up your home, yard, or office space? Let the Doers on Shouter take care of it for you. Our experienced Doers are available to help you with all your junk removal needs, whether you're moving, decluttering, got some garden trash, or just need to get rid of some unwanted items. – You name it!

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Our Doers offer fast and efficient junk removal services, including loading and hauling away all types of junk. We take care to recycle and dispose of your items responsibly, so you can feel good about minimizing your environmental impact.

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With our app Shouter, you can book a Junk Removal service with just a few clicks. Simply create your task, specify the details, add your price or be open for bids and finally choose the Doers you like. From there on the Doer you’ve picked will take care of the rest. No more worrying about how to dispose of your unwanted items or finding a truck to transport them.

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What junk bustings could a Doers do?

Furniture removal
If you're replacing old furniture with new pieces, a Doer can help you remove and dispose of the old items.

Yard waste removal
Do you have piles of leaves, branches, or other yard waste cluttering up your lawn? A Doer can help you haul it away and dispose of it properly.

Appliance removal
Need to get rid of an old refrigerator, stove, or other large appliance? A Doer can help you safely remove and dispose of these items.

Construction waste/Small combustible removal
Our Doers also pick up and dispose of construction waste. They ensure a safe disposal of the various materials and save you time and effort in your construction project.

General junk removal
From old clothes and toys to broken electronics and appliances, Doers can help you remove all types of junk from your home or office

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Shouter's Guide to the Danish Recycling Centers

Recycling stations are a central element of the Danish waste system, and they play an important role in maintaining a sustainable and environmentally friendly way of handling waste. But how do these stations work, and what do you need to know before you visit them? Read on to learn more.

The Purpose of Recycling Station

Recycling stations in Denmark are places where residents can dispose of various types of junk that cannot be collected or handled by the regular waste collection. This includes items such as electronic waste, hazardous waste, construction waste, garden waste, and more. The purpose of the recycling centers is to ensure that these materials are recycled or disposed of in a safe, sustainable, and environmentally friendly way.

Remember Proof of Resident

To visit a recycling stations, you usually need proof of your residence that confirms that you live in the area where the center is located. You do this by showing your health insurance card or other ID that can prove your residence. If you don’t bring the id with you, the staff is allowed to deny you access and require you to drive back home to get it - This is done because the recycling stations are usually paid for by local authorities, and they are therefore only open to citizens in the area who pay for the stations’ operation through their tax.

The different junk containers

When you arrive at your local recycling station, you will be met by a range of junk containers that are labeled and named with different types of waste categories. Correct waste sorting is essential to ensure that the waste can be disposed of or recycled in a safe manner. Therefore, it is important to place your junk in the correct container. If you are unsure where to place your waste, you can always ask one of the very friendly staff at the recycling station. They are always ready to guide us! - This also ensures that they do not have to re-sort the garbage we dispose of, in case it has been thrown away incorrectly.

Be Aware of The Hazardous Junk

It is also important to remember that some types of junk may require special treatment or storage. For example, hazardous waste such as batteries and paint can only be stored in special containers that are designed to prevent leakage and pollution. - This waste-area is often placed up by the main building of the recycling station.

Limited Junk Amounts

Also, remember that recycling stations usually have restrictions on the size and amount of waste you can dispose of. If you have larger amounts of waste, you may be able to arrange a special pickup with your local authority, Storskrald, or use our waste pickup service. Here, a lot of Doers are ready to assist.

Location of The Recycling Stations

In Denmark, there are many recycling stations located throughout the country, so it is easy to find one near you. Visiting a recycling station is not only a convenient way to dispose of your waste, but it is also an important part of maintaining a sustainable, Eco-friendly and green future.

You are now well-equipped for your next junk run! - So off you go. Get your waste sorted in a safe and easy way!