Shouter: Your Partner for Major Cleaning

Shouter: Your Partner for Major Cleaning

Nicole N.

February 20, 2024
6 min

Things Shouter makes easier!

Cleaning After Renovation 🏠:

After extensive renovation, your home may be filled with construction dust, remnants of materials, and traces of the work. Shouter is your key to seamless and effective post-renovation cleaning. Simply create a task, describe your needs, and experienced doers will bid on the job. From vacuuming construction dust to thorough surface wiping, Shouter's helpers can handle it all, allowing you to enjoy the results of your renovation hassle-free.

Window cleaning 🪟:

Crystal-clear windows can truly transform your home or office. With Shouter,  window washing is no longer a concern. Our platform connects you with experienced window cleaners dedicated to delivering a sparkling clear view. Whether it's high-rise windows or hard-to-reach spots, Shouter can find the right Doer for the job. Create a task, receive bids, and watch your home brigthen up with clean windows.

Deep Cleaning 🧼:

Sometimes your home requires more than just surface cleaning. Deep cleaning, where every nook and cranny is thoroughly cleaned, is essential for a healthy and inviting home. With Shouter, you can find experienced cleaners specializing in deep cleaning. From thorough vacuuming to disinfecting kitchens and bathrooms, our doers are ready to provide comprehensive cleaning that makes your home shine.

Outdoor Cleaning 🪴:

From terraces to driveways and gardens, outdoor areas require regular cleaning to maintain their beauty. Shouter is your partner when it comes to outdoor cleaning. Whether it's pressure washing terrace tiles or removing algae from the facade, you can find the right experts on Shouter. Create a task, receive offers, and let your outdoor areas shine like never before.

But how does Shouter work?

Shouter is your virtual supermarket for local services. When facing major cleaning tasks or needing assistance with moving, painting, and more, you can rely on Shouter. The process is simple:

→ Create a Task: Describe your task and needs in detail.

→ Get Bids: Receive bids from experienced doers in no time.

→ Choose Your Doer: Select the doer that best fits your needs and budget.

→ Get It Done: Let your chosen doer handle the task while you save time and hassle.

Are you looking to improve your cleaning skills and maybe help others? You can start by diving into Bathroom Cleaning: Tips and Tricks for Effective Bathroom Cleaning. Or explore the many tasks through our app.

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Shouter: Your Partner for Major Cleaning

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