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Recent Delivery task reviews

Tanja J.

Bag from Sdr Boulevard to Tullinsgade 10

Very fast help. Friendly man!

Daniel T.

Pick up a camera at Aarhus Ø and deliver it in Vitten (25x2 min drive)

Faster than lightning ✌🕺

Rob C.

Deliver artwork in Fredericia, from Aarhus

Nice and super punctual - Got help to deliver an artwork ✌

Saskia H.

Moving a small sofa

Great experience, took good care of the sofa that needed to be moved and followed our agreed upon time.

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What can I get deliverede?

Shouter is an app that lets you shout out loud when you need help with your daily tasks. Whether you need to pick up your package at the post office, buy groceries for dinner or send a gift to your friend, you can find a skilled doer who will do the task for you.

If you want to use the delivery category, you can for example get delivered:

  • Fresh groceries from stores near and far. 

  • Same-day delivery of important documents or packages. 

  • Flowers, chocolate, or other gifts for your loved ones 

  • Documents, packages, or other shipments to your home or office 

  • Clothes, shoes, or other goods from online shops or physical shops (as long as the shop allows delivery to another person) 

  • Books, games, or other entertainment products from the library or bookstore (as long as the provider allows delivery to another person) 

  • … And much more!

Shouter is the perfect solution for you who are busy with work, family, or leisure. You can avoid stress and hassle by driving around the city, standing in line, or borrowing a car from family and friends. You can now instead use your time on what you love, while a doer takes care of your task.

Shouter is the app that turns to:do’s into ta-da’s. Try it yourself and see the difference

How does the courier service work on Shouter?

Shouter is an app that lets you shout out loud when you need help with your daily tasks. Whether you need to pick up your package at the post office, buy groceries for dinner or send a gift to your friend, you can find a skilled doer who will do the task for you.

Here is how it works:

  1. Download the Shouter app and create your account. You can sign up with your email or phone number.

  2. Create a shout and choose the delivery category. Describe what you need to get delivered. You can also add photos, location and other details to make your request more clear.

  3. Set your budget and deadline for the delivery.

  4. Wait for doers to bid on your request. You can compare their profiles, ratings and reviews to find the best match for your task.

  5. Accept the bid that suits you best and chat with the doer to confirm the details of the delivery.

  6. Rate and review the doer and enjoy your delivery.

Shouter is the easiest and fastest way to get anything delivered to your doorstep. You can save time and money while supporting local doers who are ready to help you with your tasks. Download Shouter today and start shouting out loud!

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The Future of Delivery and Courier Services

Experience the future of delivery and courier services with Shouter, an innovative platform connecting people who need specific tasks done with those capable of doing them. Imagine a world where you can send anything - packages, flowers, pets, or even furniture, without any hassle. Welcome to Shouter.

Budget-Friendly and Efficient Solution

Shouter is revolutionizing the delivery and courier service sector by offering an up to 75% cheaper solution compared to traditional market prices. You set your budget, define your task, and await bids from Doers who are ready to fulfill your needs. All of this can be achieved through a few easy steps on the Shouter app.

Simplicity at Your Fingertips

Start by downloading the Shouter app and creating an account. Next, you set up a task in the delivery category. It can be as specific as you want - add photos, location, and other essential details. Then, set your budget and the deadline for your delivery.

Choose the Perfect Doer for Your Task

The Shouter platform then displays your task to a myriad of Doers who will bid on your job. You can peruse their profiles, reviews, and ratings, and select the one that suits you best. Accept the bid, chat to confirm the details, and your delivery is underway.

24/7 Availability and TRYG Insurance

Plus, Shouter is available 24/7, meaning you can set up a task at any time. And for peace of mind, we offer TRYG insurance, covering our Doers in most instances when payment is made through the app. Choose Shouter for your delivery and courier services - a fast, affordable, and reliable choice.