Spring Cleaning on a Budget: DIY vs. Shouter

Spring Cleaning on a Budget: DIY vs. Shouter

Tine Williams

February 20, 2024
8 min

The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and suddenly the urge to banish clutter and grime from your home becomes overwhelming. Spring cleaning beckons, but does it have to involve emptying your wallet with cleaning supplies and elbow grease? Enter the age-old question: DIY or delegate?

Let's delve into the cost-effectiveness of tackling spring cleaning yourself versus tapping into the magic (and muscle) of our app, Shouter. Buckle up, budget warriors, as we compare and contrast!

The DIY Deep Dive🫧

  • Pros: You control the budget, choosing specific products and tackling only what you deem necessary. A sense of accomplishment awaits!
  • Cons: Time investment becomes significant, especially for deep cleaning. Factor in trips to the store, product research, and actual scrubbing. Hidden costs creep in with forgotten supplies and impulse purchases.

Shouter to the Rescue 💪

  • Pros: Convenience reigns supreme! Book your cleaning, sit back, and reclaim your precious time. Professionals ensure deep cleaning expertise, using high-quality products often unavailable to the average DIYer.
  • Cons: There's an upfront cost, but remember, it includes everything - labor, products, and expertise.

Budget Breakdow


  • Cleaning supplies: 350DKK-700DKK
  • Trash bags & recycling: 20DKK-50DKK
  • Time investment: Priceless (but valued at your hourly rate)


  • Starting price: Your choice, but a minimum of 250DKK per task is a requirement. - The price also varies based on your home size and needs (check your local Shouter pricing on the app feed)
  • Time investment: Zero! (except for creating the cleaning task, which takes minutes)

Where Shouter Saves💰

  • Time: Reclaim your weekends and evenings for what matters most. Your free time has value!
  • Expertise: Experienced experts tackle tough stains and areas you might neglect, ensuring a truly deep clean.
  • Product quality: They can bring and use professional-grade products that outperform drugstore options, often saving you money in the long run. - Or they will be more than happy to use your own favorite products you’ve got at home.
  • Stress: Let go of the burden and enjoy a sparkling clean home with minimal effort.

The Verdict𐄷

The right choice depends on your budget, time constraints, and cleaning preferences. Consider the value of your time and the hidden costs of DIY before making a decision.

Remember: Shouter is always here when you need a break! Whether you opt for a full spring clean or a regular maintenance service, we're ready to help you achieve a clean and stress-free home.

So, what will it be? Embrace the DIY challenge or let Shouter be your spring cleaning savior? The choice is yours!

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