Here are some useful tips for organizing and tidying up before cleaning that will make the entire process more structured and satisfying.

Create a Cleaning Plan 🗓️:

Task Division:

Develop a cleaning plan and divide tasks into different rooms or areas. Allocate time to each task to create clear structure and prevent overwhelm.

Everything Should Have a Place:

Ensure that all items have their designated spots. Organize books, toys, clothes, and other items in their respective places to make cleaning more efficient and avoid unnecessary rearranging.

Remove Unnecessary Items:

Home Tour: Take a tour of your home and eliminate unnecessary items to open up space and ease the cleaning process. Consider donating or discarding items you no longer need.

Clear Surfaces:

Remove Decorations and Pictures: Clear small decorations, pictures, and personal items from surfaces like tables and shelves. This provides more space for vacuuming and wiping, reducing the risk of damage to items during cleaning.

Sort and Organize Cabinets:

Organize Cabinets and Drawers: Take the time to organize cabinets and drawers. Remove unused or expired items and arrange the remaining items for easy retrieval. This also makes cleaning cabinets more straightforward.

Prepare Cleaning Products and Tools: Ensure Necessary Products: Have all necessary cleaning products and tools ready before starting the cleaning process. This saves time by avoiding interruptions to find missing items.

This is effective cleaning! 🧼

By investing time in organizing and preparing your home before cleaning, you can enhance the efficiency of the process and create a more pleasant and inspiring atmosphere. A well-prepared start sets the tone for a successful cleaning day. Find assistance to kickstart your new cleaning plan here!

Create a cleaning task today!

How do I start organizing my house?

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Start by sorting into categories: Put like items together, and decide what you're keeping and what you're discarding. Then assess whether you have the right organization tools to put everything away so you can easily find it all later. Organize items on a macro scale first, before you start to fine-tune

I find organizing overwhelming. Any alternatives to pre-cleaning?

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Don't force it! If starting with a full-blown organization session feels daunting, begin directly with cleaning tasks like dusting high surfaces or vacuuming. Small wins can motivate you to tackle bigger decluttering projects later. Additionally, Shouter offers cleaning services, taking the load off your shoulders!

I struggle with keeping things organized after cleaning. Any tips?

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Try the "one-touch rule": when handling an item, decide where it goes immediately. Utilize storage solutions like labeled bins and baskets to create designated spaces for everything. Consider incorporating regular "declutter sessions" into your routine.

Does pre-cleaning really make a difference in the final result?

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Absolutely! Clearing surfaces provides easier access for cleaning, prevents accidental damage to items, and allows you to focus on the actual cleaning tasks without distractions. It also gives you a sense of accomplishment before even starting the deep cleaning.