Boost your profile, boost your income!

Boost your profile, boost your income!

Tine Williams

February 20, 2024
4 min

Loving the the dynamic life of a Doer? The freedom, flexibility, and endless opportunities to expand your skills, make a positive impact, and build a valuable resume. - We sure love what you’re doing!

We always want to remind all Doers that, your profile is the first impression Shouters (task owners) will form before entrusting you with their requests. It's a testament to your trustworthiness, reliability, and professionalism.

Since our platform operates virtually, without the traditional face-to-face interview, it's crucial to present a comprehensive profile that highlights your experience, interests, and even an intriguing personal tidbit. This will make your profile stand out, giving Shouters a clear picture of who you are, the skills you possess, and your genuine desire to lend a helping hand as a local and reliable Doer.

Let’s get started

Let's delve into the features our app offers to help you land the tasks you crave and make a lasting impression. But before we start you should know that t be able to edit your profile, you should; 1) Make sure your role is set as Doer. And 2) **Go to your profile and tap “edit profile”.

Now you should be able to see the following things, which you can add to your profile:

Add all the info you possibly can. Don’t leave anything out - This will make your profile unique and show the task-owners all the relevant information they need and maybe even more!

Previous work, shown in images

Other than Expertise, Specialties, transportation, work education and languages, you can also add images of your previous work. In this example we’ve got a photographer who added in some of his images from previous work. Just like a portfolio.

Verify your account (always)

Moreover, we always recommend you to verify your account. This is the ultimate stamp of trust, which allows Shouters (task-owners) to choose you as their helper for their tasks.

Profile image for

Last but not least, remember to add a professional profile picture. This fullfills your profile but also add yet another stamp of credibility and trust.

Now what are you waiting for?

Go fill in the blank spaces of your profile if you havn’t done it already! - And happy Doing’!

Get ready to find jobs fast

Sign up, suit up and let us find you all the tasks- and jobs in your interest.

Sign up as a Doer


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