The wall you never paint yourself

The wall you never paint yourself

Adam Lyhne

February 6, 2024
6 min read

Do you have by far the most boring background on all your Zoom calls? Has the previous tenant been sloppy with the paint? Or have you just tried to mount your TV on your own in vain, enough times to be left with eleven large holes in the wall?

You can find many reasons to repaint, but one thing is for sure. You won’t get it done yourself, you know it, I know it and we are probably not the only ones. Luckily, we got a solution for you; Simply just shout your painting task, and a competent doer will solve it for you.

What about materials?

But, what do you really have to prepare on your own, when getting others to paint for you? Who is responsible for the materials? Do you want to shop yourself or rather be free from the concern?

Below you will find 5 tips to get the wall painted painlessly, without having to touch the brush yourself!

Have your plan sorted

You've probably tried it before. Chosen a color or style just to your liking and later be thrown into the boss's ambush trying to survive comments in the heavyweight division. Just make sure you have decided (chosen the color of your wife’s liking) before your doer arrives.

Who does what?

If you grasp nothing and have minus clue about the process behind your painting project, then this point lends itself. But in case you want to be in charge of materials and choice of paint yourself, have the equipment ready. Cover paper, paint rollers, brushes, masking tape (not the cheap ones✋), etc.

How many m2 of wall?

It is pretty unfortunate if you run out of paint before the final coat on the last wall. Be sure to describe for your doer, how many m2 needs painting or inform the clerks, where you shop for paint. A rule of thumb is 1L of paint for about 10m2.

Cover properly

We probably all have the part of our wardrobe that is dedicated to painting tasks, but the same can probably not be said for our furniture. Make sure you are clear in your communication. Do you expect the doer to be responsible for this as well, or do you do this yourself?

Dry time

If you live in an apartment of older date, then you may be limited by the opportunities for ventilation. Good ventilation means quicker drying and less dry time. Include this in your calculations when shouting your next painting project.


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