Give a gift card to someone you love

Give a gift card to someone you love

Tine Williams

January 29, 2024
4 min

Now you can finally purchase a Shouter gift card!

A Shouter gift card can be used for ALL tasks in our app. This means that the gift card is completely universal, making it a gift that is sure to delight everyone. After all, who couldn't use a helping hand now and then?

Whether it's your grandma’ who needs help with cleaning, your daughter who needs moving assistance next year, or your boomer-dad struggling with setting up his Wi-Fi – a Shouter gift card is the solution!

Buy your gift card here:


Pick a specific amount or choose your own.

Answers to Your Questions

How does it work?

  • It's super easy. Just visit:
    … There, you choose the gift card that suits your budget. We offer gift cards for all budgets, including 40€ (300DKK), 80€ (500DKK), or an amount of your choice. If you decide to choose your own amount, please note that the minimum value is 35€ (250DKK), which is the lowest price for any task on the Shouter app.

What payment methods are accepted for purchasing gift cards?

  • We accept all payment cards for the purchase of your gift card.

How is the Shouter gift card delivered to the recipient?

  • When you buy a gift card, you will receive a beautifully designed e-gift card via email, which you can forward directly to the recipient or print out and include in a physical gift. The choice of delivery is entirely up to you, offering flexibility and the opportunity for personalization.

How is a Shouter gift card redeemed?

  • Redeeming the gift card is easy. Once the task on the app is completed, and the selected Doer/helper has finished their work, simply enter the gift card code in the payment phase to apply the value of the gift card.

Can the gift card be used for all tasks in the Shouter app?

  • Yes, our gift cards offer full flexibility and can be used for ALL tasks on Shouter. There are absolutely no limitations to the possibilities you have with our gift cards!

So, what are you waiting for?

Buy a Shouter gift card today:


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