Get help moving

Get help moving

Adam Lyhne

February 6, 2024
2 min read

Are you tired of having to pack all your stuff into boxes, move them up five floors, just to unbox them again few days after? You ask friends and relatives to take part or chip in: “Hey buddy lending me a hand or two with moving next weekend? It’s only a couple of boxes and there will be pizza..."

Save your relationships and avoid disc herination...

Well, i'm sure we’d all love to help out friends and family in these situations. Pizza is definitely a plus, but doesn't change the fact that moving is just boring, exhausting and inconvenient. Tag a long here, see how to hack your moving moves, avoid disc herniation and save your relationships.

Moving made easy

Next time a friend invites you over for pizza and paper cuts or next time you need to move yourself, shout it. Shout your moving task on Shouter app. Simply choose the category moving, give your task a description and a budget.

You’ll be overwhelmed how many competent people with time and skills, that stand by to ease your life and help you move without you having to lift a finger yourself! It doesn't get any easier 🌪

Get ready to find jobs fast

Sign up, suit up and let us find you all the tasks- and jobs in your interest.

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