Free insurance via TRYG

02/28/2022  •  6min to read

As an active user of the platform, you receive services from craftsmen and various other servants. We call them our doers, some are private self-proclaimed experts and others have diplomas and authorizations behind them.

We stand behind our doers and have through our partnership with TRYG, applied insurances that ensures your safety and cover accidents, should they happen or something go wrong.


Your doer is insured

When you shout a task on the platform, you will probably match with a doer who can solve this for you. Of course, you choose who you want and often we can sense, who is the individual most likely to succeed with your task. But should something go wrong anyhow, your doer is usually insured by TRYG.

What is considered covered?

The insurance covers in case there should be damage to other persons or their belongings, while doer performs your work. TRYG replaces the claim for compensation that it may entail.

TRYG also covers defects in services that lead to injury to persons or property. Likewise, things that your doer has had during treatment or processing, are also covered.

The insurance covers tasks within simple services and craft services. Services and service work, that require authorization or services of a more complicated caliber, are not covered.

Er du i tvivl om din task er dækket eller ej, kan du kontakte support og vedhæfte en beskrivelse af den specifikke ydelse. Skulle du komme ud for et uheld, kan du ligeledes kontakte support og beskrive hændelsen.


In doubt about whether your task is covered or not? Contact support and attach a description of the specific service. Should you experience an accident, you can too contact support and describe the incident.


Doer mowes lawn, hits a rock and lawnmower flicks stone towards the neighbor, denting her 2021 Audi A7.

This case is without fabrication and was covered by TRYG. Doer paid the deductible and Lene got her Audi patched. The same door still cuts grass for the family in Risskov today. Accidents can happen to anyone and we do what we can to help out. Happy days.

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