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Never back down from your to:do list again

Imagine an app that lets you shout out loud, when time is running out and you are behind on everything. We turn to:do’s into ta-da’s.

It’s never been easier getting stuff done

Ever been dreaming of your own personal butler, that just made things happen for you? Dream no further.


Be more productive than ever before

Get stuff done wherever you are, even on the move and make life easier task by task. Our community of great individuals got your back.

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Hundreds of skilled doers ready to help

Whatever glued to your to:do list. Shouter matches you with skilled people, that do tasks like yours for a living.


You are insured all the way

We partnered up with TRYG to ensure you 360° TRYG covers your task when within our guidelines, if anything should go south.


Seemless payments

We strive to be the all in one platform for you. We make transactions secure and handle the boring part.





Questions we get a lot

How come Shouter is free?

Shouter is a freemium platform meaning it is free to use. We charge a fee for facilitating transactions combined with providing insurance. As a shouter you pay no extra fees. As a doer, the task price you see is what you get. Our platform fee was deducted before you took on the job. In other words we only make money when you make money or get stuff done. Synergistic!

What type of tasks can I get done?

At Shouter we welcome every task. From simple to slightly more complex. Maybe..: - You need a handyman to assemble your new kitchen sink? - Kids confirmation is next week and you forgot the photographer? - The new apartment is on the 4th floor and you need extra hands? - The tv needs hanging up so you can have telly at eye level? ... and much more It's free to shout a task. Just describe what you need done, attach a budget and the desired time for this. Await bids from various skilled doers near you.

Is Shouter available in my city?

Shouter is currently only available in Aarhus. However you can still sign up and create a profile if you live outside this area. As a shouter, you will only be able to shout a task within Aarhus. This is our way of making sure, that we match the most possible in the weeks following our launch. However stay tuned for, when we paint your city pink. If we are not in your city yet.. and you're a true hero, drive demand and sign up anyway staying true to your home address. That way you can tell us to speed up and launch in your neighborhood.

Is the app only for iPhone?

For now yes. We will appear on Google Play to service all you lovely Android users soon!

WTF is a doer?

"a person who actively does things instead of just thinking or talking about them." - nothing less. A doer is guy or girl utilizing his/her talents to take on tasks and "get **it done". Doers are relentless, when it comes down to to:do's. Whether the tasks are related to; moving help, TV installation, garden help or other practical, they just "get **it done". On Shouter you can find professional doers, who can mount anything in level and tackle a thousand volts at a time. Likewise, we also have doers who study or execute other uncertified practises on a daily basis. Not all tasks need a doctorate in tools and techniques - we host many low-practice tasks of all calibers.


Rather make money fixing tasks?

Are you great with your hands, got some cool talent or just good at fixing things? Switch role and make money today.

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