Easy and secure payments

23/01/23 • 2 min. read
We have never been busier, and chances are that you may have thought: "How nice it would be with an extra hand". But, with secure, easy, and convenient payment directly in our application, it has never been easier. We have partnered with Stripe, accounting for roughly 50% of all online transactions. You have most surely used them before, possibly without recognizing it. Anyways, it simply means that you are 100% safeguarded when it comes to your payments regarding shouts.

Kick back and relax. Get a grip on your time saved through Shouter under “Profile”.

How do I get started?

You pay with just the card you’ve got e.g. Dankort, Mastercard or Debit card, etc. You do this through a so-called Stripe Connect account that you quickly co-create with us. This account is simply an extra layer of protection for your security sake — and you must create it yourself before you can possibly pay for your first shout. Thank us later.
Yes, it may seem like an unnecessary middleground step — but it's for your own sake. Security measures shorten the distance between people on our platform and builds parallel trust in between.
Remember that you are only insured through our TRYG-insurance when you pay through the app.

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