Comfort and trust with NemID

16/12/22 • 5 min. read
At Shouter we aspire to inspire everyone on board to be for real. This means that we do everything to partner new collaboration agreements with MitID, among others. So make the most of it and verify yourself with MitID so your profile exudes authenticity.
Being on Shouter, we encourage you to confirm your legitimacy. It gives reassurance when we know that the people we are in contact with are who they say they are.

Just an extra security

Our MitID verification badge is a good indication that a profile is trustworthy. This is not to say that you should bypass profiles that have not yet had their profiles verified. We still see several doers with profiles of +30 completed tasks, high ratings and skyrocketing reviews, which have not yet been MitID verified.
It takes a few seconds to verify your profile and we recommend that everyone do so. We can see that it distorts the distance between users on the platform.

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